Thin Wall non-Polyolefin Tubes – DRAFT

Thin Wall Crosslinked Polyolefin TubesFlexible, flame retardant, heat shrinkable tubing available in a wide range of sizes, colours & shrink ratios’ to meet an extensive range of application needs. Includes ‘dual wall tubes’ with integral adhesive film liner for environmental sealing. Suitable for electrical insulation, strain relief and bonding of cables & connectors:


Ultra thinwall Layflat rigid PVC heat shrink tubing


Thinwall Flexible PVC heat shrink tubing

VT 220

Thin wall Viton* flouroelastomer high temperature heat shrink tubing.


Semi-rigid thin wall PTFE Teflon* heat shrink tubing. For use in extreme electrical, chemical & thermal environments.  


2:1 Shrink ratio,Diesel resistant tube  


2:1 Shrink ratio,High-performance, 175?C