Thin Wall Tubes

Flexible, flame retardant, heat shrinkable tubing available in a wide range of sizes, colours & shrink ratios’ to meet an extensive range of application needs. Includes ‘dual wall tubes’ with integral adhesive film liner for environmental sealing. Suitable for electrical insulation, strain relief and bonding of cables & connectors > View product range


Medium  & Heavy Wall Tubes

Heavier gauge heat shrinkable tubing possessing excellent insulating, environmental sealing and impact & abrasion resistance properties.A wide range of sizes & shrink ratios’ for use in a variety of applications to seal & protect electrical connections, joints & terminations, whilst providing excellent mechanical protection > View Product Range


Wrap-around Sleeves

Adhesive coated heat shrinkable wrap-around sleeves with SS Rail or Rail-less option. Designed for re-jacketing &/or sealing of cables after damage or jointing. Available in a variety of sizes & lengths with variants for general use or with reinforced jacket for specialist pressurised telecom applications > View Product Range


Medium Voltage Tubes

Specialist Stress control, Semi-conductive & Anti Tracking tubes for use in medium voltage joints, terminations & bus bar applications upto 36kV. A full product range available in reel or stick lengths, or cut & packaged to specific customer requirements > View Product Range


Medium Voltage Shapes

A full range of specialist moulded shapes in Conductive & Anti-tracking materials to meet the requirements for Medium Voltage cable terminations. Available as individual components or packaged in kits to specific customer requirements > View Product Range


Low Voltage Moulded Parts

An extensive range of heat shrinkable moulded parts for Low Voltage applications. A comprehensive range including; ‘Cable end caps’, ‘2, 3 & 4 finger cable breakouts’ and ‘Anode caps’ for cathodic protection. Available in a wide range of sizes to meet most cable types. End caps with valve are also available for use in pressurised cable systems >View Product Range


Mastics & Tapes

A wide range of tapes from standard PVC Electrical to High Voltage self-amalgamating & specialist heatshrink materials. Also includes a full range of mastic tapes for low & medium voltage applications, available in reel form or pre-cut & packaged for LV & MV Joint & Termination kits.  > View product range


Resin Kits